The Ultimate Online Guide to Training Your Puppy

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or only have experience with adult dogs, this guide provides you with valuable insights and techniques to set your puppy up for success! Join our Online Puppy Training membership today for an exclusive 7 day free trial, and get sent comprehensive puppy training resources for your new puppy!

The guide provides an overview of the topics to be covered in our PK9 Online Dog Training membership package. The puppy training guide is suitable for dogs aged from For a complete guide to training your puppy effectively, sign up today for up to 200+ Video Hours with step by step detailed instructions, in-depth information, and access to our PK9 Online Dog Training community! Sign up for a free 7 day trial today!

Setting Your Puppy Up For Success

      • Introducing Your Puppy To Your Home: Creating a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

      • Socialisation: Exposing your puppy to new experiences, people, and other animals.

      • Establishing Routine: Demonstrating importance of consistency and structure in the daily life of your puppy.

      • Understanding Positive Reinforcement: Using rewards and praise to encourage desired behaviours from your puppy.

    Housebreaking & Puppy Toileting

        • Recognising Your Puppy’s Toileting Needs: Recognising signs that your puppy needs to go outside.

        • Establishing Toilet Training Schedules: Creating consistent routines for bathroom breaks.

        • Reinforcing Good behaviour: Reward your puppy for toileting in a designated area such as outside or on puppy pee mats or pet grass.

        • Handling Accidents: How to respond to toileting accidents without anger-causing anxiety.

      Crate Training

          • Introduction to Crate Training: Exploring the benefits of crate training and selecting the right crate.

          • Gradual Introduction: Getting your puppy comfortable with the crate through positive associations and reinforcement.

          • Crate Training Techniques: Step-by-step instructions for crate training your puppy.

          • Using the Crate Wisely: Guidelines for crate usage and avoiding common mistakes.

        Bed & Mat Stay

            • Teaching Bed & Mat Commands: Teaching your puppy to go to their designated spot and stay.

            • Duration and Distance: Gradually increasing time and distance your puppy remains on the bed or mat.

            • Reinforcing Stay Command: Using rewards and positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour.

            • Practicing Command: Practicing the bed and mat stay command in different environments.

          Puppy Biting

              • Understanding Puppy Biting: Exploring natural biting behaviour of puppies and its causes.

              • Redirecting Biting: Techniques to redirect your puppy’s biting onto appropriate toys.

              • Bite Inhibition Training: Teaching your puppy to control the force of their bite.

              • Consistency and Patience: Strategies for addressing persistent biting behaviours.

            Separation Anxiety

                • Recognising Separation Anxiety: Identifying signs of anxiety when your puppy is left alone.

                • Gradual Departures and Returns: Techniques to ease separation anxiety through desensitisation.

                • Interactive Toys and Enrichment: Keeping your puppy mentally stimulated during alone time.

              Puppy Walking & Heeling

                  • Introduction to Walking: Preparing your puppy for their first walk and introducing them to a leash.

                  • Loose Leash Walking: Teaching your puppy to walk calmly on a loose leash without pulling.

                  • Heeling: Training your puppy to walk by your side, paying attention to your cues.

                  • Training Techniques: Techniques such as luring, reward based training, and clicker training for walking and heeling.

                  • Distractions and Challenges: Dealing with distractions, such as people, other dogs, and maintaining focus during walks.

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                Chris Loverseed

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